Thursday, October 22, 2009

Draft Notes: 22.10.2009


It has been a rather slow writing week after the cold entered the game that I like to call “Juggle with Life” and right during that time my Movie Fever manifested and still hasn’t eased up at all. I am a creature propelled by cravings and desires and when I have an itch nothing can stop me from scratching. I probably lost 60 hours from last Wednesday till now in TV shows and motion pictures, but thankfully the urgency to watch is waning.

First, I would like to start with the short story, because I decided I didn’t want to wait to the last minute possible to submit and finished “Lunar Hues” at 4, 340 words yesterday, though that may not be the actual word count, because I have been editing an older version instead of the one my mentor has critiqued. It will take me half an hour to adjust it, but nevertheless I am done with this one so far. I feel it’s the best one I have delivered, visually and stylistically. I hope my mentor will have the time to look over it, but since she is busy nesting I don’t have the heart to bug her that much.

4340 / 4340 words. 100% done!

About the novel… I have a few problems with SMH that result in this mental wandering in my creative landscape. First I am not sure what genre I want this one in and since a central tool with characterization is debauchery I hesitate on how to proceed. My auto censorship is flaring every time I decide to go daring and create a grizzly exploration of the human mind and moral compass, but then again what would happen if it just comes off as pornography. I think I am having the early doubts that I am the wrong person and this is the wrong time for such a story, but I can’t really control my sub-consciousness.

These hesitations on genre [either it will come off as paranormal romance or as shocking literary contemporary magical realism] reflect on my protagonist’s behavior and his voice, which is hellishly specific to get into right away as it is. As you can everything is chained together. I know what I want to do as genre [the shocking magical realism] and yet I have to fight with my inner censorship and possibly read books that are written in a more serious tone and possibly read “Dangerous Liaisons” to get my character as manipulative as possible. I have another novel in for research that I discovered recently.

As far as research goes I need to look into Amsterdam, Paris and Oxford as city, where the plot spreads. I didn’t do this sooner, because I knew that everything I would ever need as in research ideas would reveal itself later on.


10451 / 80000 words. 13% done!

So are interested in what SMH from the vague details I provided? And do tell how you approach research.


Demon Hunter said...

Interesting topic. We won't discuss my daily word count as of late. :-D

Which blog is your primary one? I keep going to LJ, but there's nothing recent. :-D Is this your usualy place now? ;-)

Harry Markov said...

@ Tyhitia: Oh I turned LJ private whine spot and allow only my friends on there as in registered users that follow me to read my whining.

And if you want to read my discussions on writing, fiction and all in between this is the place.