Friday, November 13, 2009

Draft Notes: 13.11.2009


It’s that time again. I haven’t been very active and organized these past two or three weeks, because my world trembled under some serious tremors coming from real life, so I haven’t been as industrious as I had hoped to be. Nevertheless November I decided to be disciplined and write everyday around 1,500 words, which usually takes me up around an hour to an hour and a half. The weekend has been rather chaotic and so were some additional days, so I didn’t to the new system enough justice, but the overall effect on my word count is positive:

21079 / 80000 words. 26% done!

It’s true that I have some problems with the novel in terms of self-censorship that comes from various places, a topic that I need to discuss in detail later on. So I need to remind myself yet again that I am writing for a niche group and that the story will only suffer, when I am pulling punches. That invisible brake held me in place and back to my progress at 17,000 I was near the middle, because the censorship held me back. I had a panic day and needed to clear my head and think. Thankfully I managed to slip inside my MC’s head and figure out what to do. So I introduce actively around six more characters and have Milo work his magic on them. I am back at the first six or so chapters to add the missing scenes here and there and surgery is fine.

“Lunar Hues” is waiting on second edits from my amazing mentor M.C, who I hope manages to snag a look, while facing the most important moment in her life. I love her for not turning me down, when she had the full right to and that makes her an inch more amazing.

While that is baking I am on chapter one of the newest novel project, which I am doing for fun and at a much slower pace called “SIL”. I am not sure whether it will be ever completed, but it allows me creative freedom to do some unconventional things I have yet to see done, but then again I may not be looking at the right place.

And I am to pretty soon start on a new short story, which I hope to embark on Saturday with 500 word snippets a day for good measure in order to plot and plan with relative ease. I will aim at a length of 3,000 to 5,000 words in order to pass submission guidelines for more web zines. I am not sure of a title, which is relatively strange lately, since I usually start with titles and then use it to stir the actual story in the right direction.