Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday, April 23rd: Return to an Online Existence and Edits

I’m back and I have a brand new template. Fear me. In truth, I have been exhausted. It’s been a burnout that has been going on since the year started and I can only deal with the exhaustion in intermissions. I started a day job, one that requires going at regular office times, but have a very irregular days off scheme. Suddenly, I had to deal with handling promotion for TZF and work in an office and then came the university, which strained the balancing act.

However, I adapted to the work hours, the work I have to do as well as the time off before and after work. With this in mind, I feel like I can return back to the Internet. I’m yearning for the good old days of Twitter and Google Reader action.

Writing suffered the most, since I decided to lead a social life along with balancing two jobs. I did manage to complete Draft 4 of “Crimson Cacophony” – two months after the planned and realistic deadline – but that brings me closer to my goal. I need two more rounds of editing, one before sending it to my alpha and one after my alpha read it. Then will come mandatory beta hunting and one third final round [three total] before I start the agent hunt.

That’s long in the future, but then again I will have passed the Seven Stages of Writing. Now, “Crimson Cacophony” stands at 60,000 words [with 40,000 scratched off and done anew], but I gather that after the fleshing out I will get to 75,000 words to 80,000. I’m not saying that the wordcount is an adequate measurement of progress, but length matters [or at least that’s what she said].

How was your April, people? Did you manage to complete something?


Charles Gramlich said...

I got a fair amount done on a project in April but nothing completed. Hope things settle down some more for you soon as far as time goes.

Harry Markov said...

They are settled as far as it's possible. I just have to make the most of the free time that I get here and there.