Monday, January 2, 2012

[January 2nd] Onward, Fair Steed of a Journal

With the 2011 recap out of my way, I can truly focus on what is to come. As with every year, I have set expectations for myself high as ever. I believe that this body and mind of mine can do more than I’m doing with them, so every year I challenge myself, more mentally than I’d like, but I consider taking bringing my body into the mix as well. I’m aware that I will fail, I always do, but as a friend of mine says ‘shoot for the stars and you just might end up on the moon’. I’ve taken to this advice and even though I know that I probably won’t transform into my wish fulfillment character, I will end up achieving more than I would have chasing after this ideal of me.

I'm not sure why I'm including this photo; I guess I'm trying to say: Be afraid, be veeery afraid.

Some people know discipline firsthand, others bribe themselves with treats. I know that I will cheat either way, so overworking it is. This post will focus on the goals I have set myself for my blog.

1. I’m more than ever determined to blog on a regular basis. Last year has been scandalously quiet, which I can’t afford, considering that this year I’m getting serious about my career here, now, even though I’m without adequate material for submission, agentless [kinda obvious why] and rather a minor fraction of the sphere. The rest of my goals have pretty much to do with fulfilling this one as well as help me establish my identity.

2. Cover more books. I’ve been awfully out of touch with what’s been published and what is hitting shelves, so I’m more than ever ready to comment on books that I have bought, read, am reading or want to read. Knowing me, this will more often than not manifest in critique of the cover art, which is how a book engages me in the first place, more often than not.

3. Weird Wednesday. I think I’ve discussed this, but come this Wednesday I’ll do an official launch of my Weird Wednesday feature, which will be a yearlong review of The Weird, the monstrous tome edited by Jeff and Ann VanderMeer.

4. I’ve decided to revive the Culture of Bulgaria feature, where I’ll tackle the national beliefs, holidays and cultural traits, which I’m more or less a product of. This decision stems from my intention to better understand myself as a Bulgarian and reflects my interests in non-fiction, fiction reading and fiction writing.

These are my immediate goals, which I see as doable, until I graduate, which should happen by July this year. I’m counting the days, until I can part ways with my university, which has pretty much been a negative element in my life for the past four years. Once I have the whole bachelor thing behind me, I will see whether I can bring some more plans together, though I assume they will be nothing grand.

And what about you? Any ideas for reinvention?