Monday, August 6, 2012

Proper Etiquette When Filing Your Work

This perplexing and daring piece of photography is courtesy of Dutch photographer, Erwin Olaf.
This post is inspired by my miniature heart-attack, when I remembered incorrectly where I have stashed one of my earlier projects and couldn't find it. I understand why everyone prefers digital filing systems, at the very least you are confined to one box. When you have torn off pages stashed "somewhere", there's a goose chase, if I have ever seen one. 

Writers, learn this lesson and learn it well. 

DO: Make a note of the place, where you store any physical writing you make. It would be best to have one central stash for these miscellaneous pages. PRO TIP: If your memory is unreliable and it has gotten you in all sorts of trouble before, home-made library card, darling! 

DON'T: Promise yourself you will surely remember in a year's time the exact location you slipped five torn-off pages. Memory don't work that way, sweety. PRO TIP: Don't think of thinking "I will type it up later", you hear me. Your scumbag brain will trick you into losing the pages!