Monday, October 1, 2012

The Nature of Change

I believe I have completely lost the ability to communicate my inner thoughts on the blog. At best I can share my opinions, at worst it's all about news, but right now I will go for a more personal approach as I'm entering in a completely new era so to say. Life Offline has been good to me as of late with the last few months really helping me crystallizing my goals, amending my plans for the next three years (roughly; I'm a planner) and then adding some more goals I want to accomplish. 

Here's a slight breakdown of what I pooling my resources into doing: 

1) Lead an insanely geeky project for work, which has been heading towards its official start and might even bleed out into something else completely. 

2) A marketing campaign for the new Tales to Terrify, Volume 1, which will soon hit the shelves. 

3) Complete two short stories for invites I have received; complete a novellette proposal and then work on a novella before the end of the year. 

4) Outline on "Air Boy", which will oficially be renamed into "Breath Eater". I'm very happy I passed through the barrier that held me back on this story. 

5) Work towards moving this blog to a new domain and launch with a brand new identity. As my interests have widened, I want to reflect the change and I intend on doing this through a brand new platform. 

I intend to accomplish a lot in the coming months, both professionally and creatively, so there is only room to grow. These big, good things that have been happening over the course of August and September made me think about change. And what's a more literal change than changing physically? I have been a sucker for the magical transformation since Sailor Moon right to the 90's X-Men cartoon, which saw very flashy costume changes, which I still consider metamorphoses. I intend to change physically and this brings me to the one thing I have failed at year after year. 

The biggest challenge I think in terms of building the correct habits (a long list that has proven to be) concerns my weight and dietary habits. I have grown up with nothing denied, which is decidedly bad for a person with a passion for chewing and a sweet tooth to boot. Now, I'm nowhere near health risks, but I can feel my body out of sync and that is not something I want to continue to experience. July was the month I pushed myself to a healthier eating patterns and it's been a gradual change. What I did wrong in the past with my previous diet changes was to force my body into a sudden transition and the resulting shock to my organism brought me back again to the very cause of my problem.

Change, the good change, the worthwhile change, takes time and mistakes will be made. I'm undertaking a new step towards tightening the control over my body and this time around I will not be paranoi about what I do every second and obsess over what I should not eat. I'm coming to terms with the fact that this is not the type of thing that you can force and expect no backlash. Change will come one step at a time and one should always look towards the future rather than focus on the immediate effects.