Monday, December 5, 2011

[December 5th] "Subversion" edited by Bart R. Leib

Today is the release date of a rather interesting anthology, which I'd like to bring to your attention. What caught my interest is the fact the cover, which speaks for itself and is especially striking considering the current political and economic climate on a global scale. Here is more from the press release from Crossed Genres, which have always brought quality fiction through their Crossed Genres Magazine in the past. I'm especially interested to see the socio-political criticism, which is hinted at with the cover. 

Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy Tales of challenging the norm

‘Traitor’ or ‘revolutionary.’ These labels are two sides of the same coin, just as ‘hero’ or ‘villain’ depends on the point of view of the person telling the story. These are obvious concepts when spelled out in clear cut settings. Because of this, how one goes about subverting the norm (as a traitor or revolutionary) is based on what the norm is. What is normal in one society can be, and often is, taboo in another society. This allows tales of subversion to be subtle, blatant, personal, communal, and endless in variation.
- from the Foreword by Jennifer Brozek

Subversion: Science Fiction & Fantasy tales of challenging the norm is an anthology of stories about striking back at the status quo – whatever that might be. The Authority can be real or perceived; the act of subversion subtle or overt; and the consequences minute yet significant, or immense and world-shaking.

Jennifer Brozek – Foreword
Jessica Reisman – “A Thousand Wings of Luck”
Camille Alexa – “And All Its Truths”
Melissa S. Green – “Pushaway”
Daniel José Older – “Phantom Overload”
Kelly Jennings – “Cold Against the Bone”
Barbara Krasnoff – “The Red Dybbuk”
Natania Barron – “Pushing Paper in Hartleigh”
Kay T. Holt – “Parent Hack”
Jean Johnson – “The Hero Industry”
Cat Rambo – “Flicka”
Shanna Germain – “Seed”
RJ Astruc & Deirdre M. Murphy – “Scrapheap Angel”
C.A. Young – “The Dragon’s Bargain”
Wendy N. Wagner – “A Tiny Grayness in the Dark”
Timothy T. Murphy – “Received Without Content”
Caleb Jordan Schulz – “To Sleep With Pachamama”
Cover art: “New Generation of Leaders” by Brittany Jackson

ISBN 978-0615533292

To place orders for the book, for review copies, or for additional information, contact Crossed Genres Publications