Sunday, December 27, 2009

Writing Goals


There isn’t that much time left until 2009 is over with and as it comes around there will be a chance for new resolutions, new promises, a fresh new start to get organized and be better than last year. I can’t imagine anything more powerful than the clean, polished to perfection, new slate and I am just motivated to state what I want and do it for a change.

For once I would love to see myself organized. I want to carve out a time niche of an hour everyday and just write in peace. I would need to learn to ignore the pestering Internet, which always is the greatest problem, when down and writing. Then there is the family problem as I have several members needing to interact with me, especially, when I am writing. So yeah, a big fat learn to steal time, when they are not there.

I would for once like to outline and research a novel, before sitting down and write, ’cause the results are horrifying, when I do it panster style. I admire all the people, who manage to do it without much preparation, but with my world building I would prefer to be on the safe side and not be lazy as hell.

I will revisit short projects ideas that have been dear to my heart, but have been conceived in my ‘I can’t finish anything’ era. There is a novella in there somewhere, which was radical for me and my style, because I let all the naughty words slip and I had really morally ambiguous characters. So that will be revisited along with other short stories.

The mountain goal will be in the novel writing category. I am determined to have a do-over with “Forged in Blood” and complete two other novels.

2010 has to be damn productive.


I am not in the Holiday mood as per se, so this is some character art work, which has me thinking about leather gangs meet medieval armor and giving birth to the woman’s mean outfit. Quite impressive work and I just love the overall vibe in this piece. The title is “The Sword Woman” by Tahra [which I am not sure whether it is the actual artist’s name, but she is from Korea, so I may be on to something].


Charles Gramlich said...

that is a pretty impressive bit. I'm gonna have to look for more of her stuff.

Harry Markov said...

@ Yes, her character work is quite Impressive I have several pieces on my computer, but this one is most striking.