Friday, January 1, 2010

Back on Track


Project: “Forged in Blood”
New Words Written: 1,087
Present Total Word Count: 1,087
Goal: 100,000 by Mid-April

Percent Reached: 1%

Things Accomplished in Fiction: I started a project that I had no idea on returning to until a conversation with a friend poked the Muse in the right place and here I am with a renewed sense about how to showcase this idea and the best part in the whole deal is that I am actually in the process of learning from my mistakes and doing research and outline prior to writing. To feel in control is liberating. The word count per day will be gravitating around 1,000 for I want to build in a habit and I am afraid that if I attempt something more it will be a failure at this stage of the game.
Things Accomplished in Real Life: I managed to chat with two friends over a hot chocolate before they headed out to catch their flights [on separate days] and I managed to call all the people I wanted to wish well on the new 2010 and the decade. Otherwise not much.


Art Spot: I was in the mood for something fantastical and well this fit in just fine. I’m saddened, but this one has been saved with numbers as title and I have no clue what the piece is called or who the wonderful creative soul is behind it. If someone does, please tell me so that I can credit accordingly.


Charles Gramlich said...

I think it's a very good idea to build your habit slowly. Starting out with a 1000 is a good idea. When I first started I sometimes found myself so tired from my job that it was hard to get to a thousand. At times, my goal became, "One good paragraph. Just finish one good paragraph." I talked about that quite a bit, as well as my other experiences trying to learn to write in the book Write With Fire.

Harry Markov said...

@ Charles: I need to read that post. Actually I am not meeting my goal, because of an asshole, who for about three days managed to get the best out of me and I am just plain train wreck. I am contemplating on a post about "Murdered Mojo"