Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Quest through Reponsibilities


Slowly, but surely I am swinging my sword through the lush vegetation that has become my life. January is oh-so-close its end and with it my main time consumer [exams] will be reduced to an ugly memory. I have passed three out of four exams with moderately good grades, given that the material is all Math oriented one way or the other [me and Math never hit it off].

In the mean time I have been drastically diminishing my To Be Read pile in order to handle the upcoming reviews I have to handle. I hope to read twenty novels or so by the end of March for review purposes. I finished the book for the freelance project gig. Now I have to start the actual work. I have a week or so until the deadline comes, but I imagine that I will make it.

Starting tomorrow, I hope, I may establish a schedule here and not leave this be a barren slate floating around cyberspace. I also need a way on how to make this place get more visits, because I feel uncomfortable, talking to the empty void and all.

Back to report soon.


Marcia Colette said...

Dang. We'll I'm here to add my face to the void so it's not so empty. :-)

Actually, I'm in the same boat as you where I've been pretty negelctful of my blog. Only recently have I jumped back on the blogging bandwagon. There's something about returning to work after my maternity leave that makes it easier for me to keep up with a schedule. Go figure.

Harry Markov said...

Well, FINALLY. I need a buddy to face the void. I am finally done with the exams, so I will be blogging a bit more.