Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kaz Camp: Update 2

Fashionably late as always I have come to address the nature of my progress for Camp Kaz. 

I have not written many new words. I have done 3,000 words on "Drumming", which now is now completed. What I enjoyed about this short story is that it wanted to break free and become a novel. I approve of such ambitious behavior and will take it under serious consideration. Well done, "Drumming". What I did not like so much was that I lost the Regency vibe in expression I was aiming for. [I am looking at you, brain...] This made me blotch the middle to a few paragraphs to keep me going and the ending is rather minimalist. But it reads as a completed short story so I say it's finished. However, concept-wise I am pleased with how it is shaping up. 

In the mean time, I whipped out "Lunar Hues", ready to get some refreshing edits done and see whether this time around I can force [civilly of course] some nice editor to adopt. Under the watchful eyes of Tessa [grammar bird of prey] I have a better manuscript. And I did so with just 500 extra words added to the original. I call this strategical editing. 

Yesterday, I had "Cosmic Love" on the editing frontier. It took two hours to strengthen the paragraphs I found weak, add some extra words in order to keep the consistency and imagery. It was a rather surprising session as there were no lumps in the first draft to complicate my work. 

Overall, a semi-good week.


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T.S. Bazelli said...

Grammar Bird of Prey - I like that. Methinks I need a superhero costume to go with it. LOL

Harry Markov said...

I think white with sentences woven all over crisscrossed and circled in red.