Saturday, July 3, 2010

What the Mailman helped smuggle...

These are the brand new acquisitions for the whole month of June. I wanted to post these earlier, but I never got around to it. I will spare you the blurbs, because it seems impersonal. I will, instead, share why I coo over these pretties. Heh-heh-heh.

The King's Bastard: (1) The cover makes me wet my mouth... Why I physically salivate is beyond what psychology offers as an answer, but there is something here. (2) I was also asked very nicely, which along with the general appeal of the cover and after assessing the blurb, promises a hell of a ride. + I even have it signed.

Shade Fright: Okay, you need the blurb here, but a spunky heroine, her truck driving man, a zombie and a ghost of a prime minister team up to save the world... It's almost like one of those jokes about a priest, a ravi and a yogi going in a bar. Too good to miss.

Intertwined & Unraveled: (1) It's Gena Showalter. (2) It's YA, which I have been meaning to read and see why I dislike it before I have even tried it. And no, I guess reading a sentence from Twilight does not count. (3) Multiple personalities and powers... How can this be wrong? + I do have the second novel signed by Gena, herself.

The Ninth Avatar: I have read this one, but this time the cover is better [plus the author has promised that it's professionally edited and not clunky/chunky] and well he is a great buddy, so why the heck not.

Thomas Redpool Goes to Hell: This is actually a manuscript I am critiquing at the moment, so it is not exactly a pleasure read. I hope the manuscript gets picked up. Submit it somewhere, Todd.

The Emerald Storm: A series I adore. The books is signed and personalized. I have heard only the best of thing about it. The cover is divine... And I do hate ships.

The Dead-Tossed Waves: Oh, well. Zombies. I think this is quite self-explanatory. Special thanks to Amanda for the gift. I also thank her for the Ghostgirl books, but my sister has them at the moment, so no pics.


Charles Gramlich said...

So many good books. Geeze. I need a second life just for reading.

Harry Markov said...

I am waiting on my turn to get a secret reading clone. :D

Rabid Fox said...

I read The Dead-Tossed Waves last week and thought it a very good follow-up to Ryan's first novel