Friday, October 8, 2010

Electrical Fires, Secret Mission and Why I Wasted a Whole Week

Blue Screen of Death by IMustBeDead

It is a most disconcerting thing to see white smoke rise from your PC... It is what happened to me Saturday morning, while watching ANTM. The picture sparked on and off, did a very erratic dance, the machine choked, something inside sizzled and white smoke curled from the hull. I'm far from being a techie, but I'm addicted to using my PC. Hearing its hum in the background is always reassuring and it was a silent horror, when I thought that my machine may very well combust in a Michael Bay sequence...

Thankfully, I had plenty in my personal life to keep me occupied. The stars had aligned in such a manner that I had my cell cut off, my computer shut down and my MP3 Player with no battery [as it charges through the PC] and I felt like I was stuck back in the early 90s. A TV being my only solace, which I have to say is far from satisfactory. I discovered reality TV to be even worse than I have left it: VH1 Tough Love comes to mind. It simply numbed my brain.

WHY did I inflict this upon myself you may ask, instead of doing what normal book junkie types would do? I will tell you. Crap happened [life changing chain of events that left me in the center of it all] and the women in my life certainly befuddled me in the communication department. I'm convinced that the couple [man and woman], who write the first female-to-male and male-to-female dictionaries will win a Nobel prize. Maybe even two.

Anyway, the gist of it: I'm functioning as a sort-of head of the family, while the current head is away on a secret mission to fight the Recession. The head has a superhero outfit and all the gizmos. My mission is to secure the secret layer.

PC: My PC was so filled with dust that the dust ignited and burned a few cables... But it was fixed, so phew.


T.S. Bazelli said...

Glad you didn't lose anything important!

hehe the early 90's... you hardly experienced the world before personal computer's ~sigh~

Harry Markov said...

To be honest, I do not remember much of the early 90's... So young back then. :)