Thursday, October 28, 2010

#NaNoWriMo novel Idea: The Synopsis

I might have mentioned my ill-planed decision to dive into this year's NaNoWriMo, just because... I am insane [considering that I harbor serious plans to maintain a steady pace at revision]. But the decision has been made, I have promised that I will devote time to a lot of shorter projects, but November has a siren call I cannot resist. It will be a rush.

I've mentioned that I'm attempting to write a super hero type of story, but you know not with the tights, the spandex, the colorful get-up. It will be futuristic and the focus will be on the deconstruction of superheros and the ambiguous morality. For comic book fans, who speak Marvel: The Ultimate Avengers as mood, themes and characterization, but in a futuristic setting and superpowers not being a rare thing. I don't think my concept fits in the superhero niche, but a lot of the elements stay: the need for codenames, secrecy, costumes [although not as flamboyant] and major showdowns.

Here's the synopsis for the very first novel in the SYNDICATE series [no idea for a title apart from the obvious: Genesis or Coalition, though I'm not feeling those much]:

Life for a life

Such is the law a thousand years into the future. It's also a hard law to maintain, when roughly half the population has genetic mutations. Enter the Enforcers: Black Ops of mutants trained to maintain peace, agents of justice, rock stars for the public.

However, when the masks are off and the criminals caught, the Enforces are people. People who have children and make horrifying mistakes as parents.

Life for a life

Such is the law in the future. But what is the punishment for the Enforcers, when their offspring joins the crime fighting scene looking for personal vendetta?

YES, it's clunky and it sounds a bit ridiculous in the Daddy-Issues category, but believe me when I say that the Enforcers screw up big time. Big enough for their children to become super villains.


Lood said...

You can swing this. It will need careful planning not to fall into the "clichéd" category, but it is an awesome idea.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pretty good premise. I'm curious as to what event leads the kids to taking the dark side. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

I don't know, sounds like a pretty interesting premise to me.

Harry Markov said...

@ Lood: YES, I do think that there is an obvious pitfall in this: A HUGE ONE at that, but with enough of motivation I think it's doable.

Harry Markov said...

@Shadowflame: My dear, very different events. It would be lazy to summary it all with one event. I'll discuss several ways parents can screw up. :)

Harry Markov said...

@ Charles: Thanks for the support. At least the age long teen dream of getting back at your parents would be fulfilled in a book. LOL