Sunday, November 21, 2010

[#NaNoWriMo] My Eyes, My Eyes

Self-Portrait, made this morning, before shaving and coffee. You can tell my eyes are bit not all that great

I’m in a bit of a crunch at the moment. Turns out I need to write several reviews in the very near future [this happens because I manage my schedule so well] and the materials I have to read are not yet read. I also discovered that my lack of productivity as of late is not because of sleep deprivation. No, turns out my eyes are yet again weary of being in front of the screen all the time. That couple with the fact that I need to type my reviews and that my review copies for five or six reviews are PDF files don’t make this any easier. High on the grocery list at the moment is securing eye drops.

Anyway, my calculations indicate that I’ll be able to accomplish my goal of reaching 50,000 words without a mad dash to the finish [like last year, where I had to write around 30,000 words in less than two weeks]. “V is for Voltage” is progressing nicely. I have two villains, who somehow have to be even more villainous than my characters [who plan to establish a super powered evil organization] and it’s fun to write dastardly characters. The world has not yet fully formed on technological level, so I may be taking some liberties with what my guys can do at the moment, but so far sex seems to be maintaining the economy and it makes sense, I swear that it does. The way I have planned for things to go, I need to write between 2K and 3K daily to make it, but it’s totally manageable.

TOTAL: 28, 456 words [which is totally weak]


Jani said...

You'll be able to do it, I'm sure. The end is so close and it'll be worth it, even if just for yourself.

Sounds like you will be busy for the next couple of weeks, NaNo excluded. Good luck with that. At least it's something you like.

Harry Markov said...

Yes, if only my eyes and fingers were mechanical I wouldn't have any issues with my life. None, at all.

Charles Gramlich said...

A cold that has settled in my eyes has made my last week pretty damn hard. Gotta have those eyes for everything. Take care.

Harry Markov said...

Thanks. I will manage somehow. :)