Monday, December 20, 2010

[State of the Writer] I wish I could say I wrote new words, but you know that's not the case

There is a funny thing about productivity. When you manage a great deal in just one week, you think 'hey, I can do this again and again' and lulled by this sense of security in one's own ability to combat procrastination YOU assign yourself too much to do. The inevitable result is the bitter taste of failure on your mind's metaphorical taste buds. *intense music*

Kinda like what I did to myself. If you ever want to learn how to sabotage yourself, this is it and I make a great tutorial for it. Though I was optimistic and the goals were doable. What I didn't at all consider had to be whether "Rabbit Heart" would easily give in, when it came down to edits. I knew how I wanted the story to look and to feel, yet it was static and had to be revised. Brand new opening scene and etcetra. I thought it'd be easy... Took me the whole week, around ten re-reads and making all the pages bleed with red and blue to get it right. I think at some point I had a very high blood pressure, because the story played hard to catch. But you know, after filling all the cracks and chopping off one third of the material, it was done.

Apart from that, no new story, no new chapters. Coincidentally those are my newest goals for the week.


Charles Gramlich said...

the hardest thing is to be consistent. I can't even do it myself, although I preach it all the time.

Harry Markov said...

Hah, hypocrite! But seriously, unless we get to pull a 9 to 5 shift I don't think getting anything written is set in stone aka the greatest challenge.

T.S. Bazelli said...

Good luck with the new story! It's impossible to be completely consistent. Life always gets in the way. I think we need a little wiggle room to factor that in sometimes :) Don't be too hard on yourself.

Harry Markov said...

Consistency sucks, because it is so hard to obtain, grr. :D