Monday, July 4, 2011

[July, 4th] When incarceration ends

"Somewhere, someone is throwing this and yelling 'popcorn nova'!"

I’ve been planning to write this blog post for fifteen days, yet, I don’t find the right moment. I either sleep in and then have to do house work before actual work or I’m too exhausted after work to write anything. June has come and gone and thank the calendar gods for that mercy.

In short this is what happened in no particular order.

1] I had four exams, for which I had to study early in the mornings before work and then late in the evenings after work [though to be honest, I fell asleep immediately after work]. This is the main bulk from my trial during June. Study and work, as any starving artist will tell you, don’t complement each other, when you realize the day has 24 hours instead of 48. However, I crawled out victorious from it all. Three Bs and an A, hooray.

2] I got sick twice in June, with two weeks respite before the second viral infection had me all shivering and shaking. It’s tough trying to bring down a fever [I get 39.5 C fevers or for my US friends, 103 degrees Fahrenheit]. I had to postpone one exam until a later date and felt like a digested squirrel in the stomach of a boa constrictor.

3] June also entailed dealing with my sister’s enrollment in a high school, which in Bulgaria is a weird ritualistic process, involving witchcraft, voodoo and lots of tests. The gist of it is that all students compete for a spot in a high school of their choosing with exams and their school grades. All you anime lovers, who’ve ever followed a high school series, you know what I’m talking about. This involved waiting for exam results, prepping necessary admission papers, submitting such papers and waiting to hear about the enrollment.

PS: My sister’s been successfully enrollment in her dream school, studying French.

4] I think really have a four, but please size up the previous three. It’s a formidable list for any person to handle. I’m happy it’s over. I can focus on my hobbies.

What does this mean? For one writing, for another more involvement in literary projects and a lot stronger online presence. However, I will share what I’m up to tomorrow.