Friday, July 8, 2011

[July 8th] Soundtracks

"I may or may not have an addiction..." ~ artist is Gnato

I'm into TV shows as you may or may not know [I even need a spreadsheet to stay atop of what episode of what TV show I need to get to] and the magic of the TV show is the title sequence with its own soundtrack. As I child, whenever the extended title sequence started I'd pose along with the main cast and just imagine I am part of the story. With some title sequences I might still do that [*cough*True Blood*cough*], but you know, alone and such.

To me the soundtracks and title sequences are for TV shows what gorgeous covers are for books, a sensory hook that lures you into digesting the content waiting past that point. As covers reveal a bit about the book [scantily clad women in UF covers usually refer to a sexually charged story line] soundtracks set the tone for the TV show.

Here I've prepared two reworked themes from two shows that I follow. The one is an orchestra arrangement of the old 80s X-Men cartoon [which I adored as a kid as it got me into comics in the first place]. The original theme is rather goofy as 80s cartoon themes oughta be, but Jason Sturgill gives it the Inception make-over and now it rocks.

The next is an acoustic/electric violin cover of The Game of Thrones theme, which I adore in its original composition, but also enjoyed tremendously in this version.

Do you agree with me? Also what are your favorite themes from a TV show? My all-time favorite has to be Fringe with its booming and demanding theme.