Monday, September 19, 2011

[September 19th] The New 52 Week 1

I’m, yet again, missing in action, so this is why I’m late to comment on the first releases from the DC reboot. If you can’t tell, I’m excited, cause I’m a super hero fetishist and in the mean time I receive a strange tingling sensation, when my eyes zero in ‘#1’. From the thirteen titles released in the first week, I can recommend five as I know that those five I’ll be reading with a great interest.

[Action Comics] I admit I’ve never given Superman the chance he deserves. His purity puts me off, but with the reboot, Superman has a bit more character and comes off enjoyable in his cocky behavior. I’m very interested to see where this series is heading.

[Animal Man] The cover art had me drooling right after the line-up had been introduced and I have no idea, who Animal Man is. His powers kind of remind me of B’wana Beast, but I kind of only know B’wana from The Brave and The Bold. Fantastic first issue. It’s something I’d enjoy writing and reading in any format.

[Batgirl] It’s Barbara Gordon and Gail Simone. So far the first issue is wobbly with a rather weird nemesis and baffling last pages, but I’m not losing faith yet.

[Stormwatch] I have no idea, where this is going, nor do I know any of the characters, but I praise the superpower of speaking to cities. Yes, I’m reading a series because of a concept, but as far as I know, this is the sole series to tackle the overarching universal plot. This might get interesting.

[Swamp Thing] Good writing and interesting story, if you don’t trouble yourself with who in tarnation is the lead character: a human, a creature or a genetic margarita of both. Bonus point for nailing one of my favorite powers, plant life manipulation.