Sunday, September 25, 2011

[September 25th] The New 52 Week 3

As faithful as ever, I return with an update with DC's reboot feature. It's Week 3 and things are controversial as they can be. After last week's tasteless reinventions of famous characters, which robs the multiverse of its small diversity, now it's time for women to be portrayed as soulless sex-bots. Even so, there are a few titles I'm interested in reading. I've seen Batman and all Batman related titles be recommended, though that's too obvious. I'm certain that a lot of the attention is aimed at Batman and Superman, hence the multitude of titles based on either the Bat or Sup family. I'm not that fascinated by Batman to be recommending him.

[Birds of Prey] As you know I'm wildly passionate about Birds of Prey, because of the hugely successful run in the capable hands of Gail Simone. I had reservations about the new version, assuming that without Oracle a lot of the psychological warfare would be absent. The new issue packs action, hints towards a bigger plot and the introduction of Starling proposes a limitless amount of opportunities for development.

[Blue Beetle] From the episodes of Batman The Brave and The Bold, this new Blue Beetle captivates. Plus he's from a different ethnicity *gasp* and I never really had any idea what his origin story is. Right now, not much has happened and there is no foreshadowing as to a greater arc regarding the character, but it's a worthwhile investment.

[Catwoman] I know that the tacky sex panels dampened my spirits a little as the space could be utilized for a more fleshed out effort on story telling, but I love Catwoman. She's one of the iconic DC characters. She and Harley Quinn are magnetic. There's potential here. Let's hope it's less wasted on Rule 34.

[Supergirl] I don't know where this issue will take. As I'm not into the Kryptonian mythos, I'm grabbing onto this title in the hopes that I may achieve enlightenment. Plus Supergirl appealed to me as an easy going ball of sweetness and energy. From the looks of it, she may have gone a bit grumpy.

[Wonderwoman] The scene, where decapitating a horse gives birth to centaurs tipped the balance in favour. I love Greek Mythology and the writer here doesn't waste time at all as obviously Zeus has himself a brand new offspring and by the looks of it, Wonderwoman's mission is to keep safe the mother.