Friday, December 9, 2011

[December 9th] Not Writing

Befitting the title don't you think?

I’m not writing. It’s the antithesis of what I am, I know, but I haven’t been sitting and I have not been committing to the new techniques, new routines, new promises. Partially, I find my mind distracted by the changes occurring in the real world.

My job definition is constantly at fluctuation, where I have to pay constant attention to it even outside the office; recalibrate my goals, redistribute my time and engage with my duties in a way I haven’t been asked to do in my other positions. First, because I haven’t had the chance to work in an office and hold a responsible before. Second, the nature of SEO is shifting with the blink of an eye, so I have to adapt and take every new project in stride and not rely on any routine. As you may know, I thrive on routines and every aspect of my life struggles, if I’m not in some sort of control over my routine.   

The semester is coming to a close and while control during the semester has been non-existent and I focused on my work life, I have to write a series of papers on less than thrilling topics. No mistakes are allowed. The stakes are rising and while I’m relatively secure on some of the topics, already having scored high results on one of my papers, I’m not so optimistic with the follow-up papers in terms of delivering them with ease, even knowing what’s expected from me. Exam month is closing in as well with January seeing a major shift in my work, study and therefore personal program.

Then there are the Secret Projects I have been working on. One for Jaym Gates and one that is not to be announced until later on. What I’m at liberty to discuss is that it demands a fantastic amount of preparation and production. Working on this Secret Project has taught me the value of developing a clear idea, devising a plan and starting off from as far as possible, if you wish to achieve a great result and I believe that once I can announce the details the project will go ballistic over the community.

So, this is me not writing. Why have you not been writing? [I know some of you haven’t been and you might as well admit it].