Monday, December 12, 2011

[December 12th] Of Books and Innuendo, a Meme

Today I have a little cheeky challenge, which I've picked from Rhube's Tumblr In Search of Happines Max. The picture below says it all and since I'm oh-so-adventurous I decided to try it myself, because what's the harm of trying.

My book was 'By Myself' by Lauren Bacall, which I finished over the weekend. The quote is below:

“It was my first night – opening night, the theatre was packed – I was terrified and I didn’t even have to open my mouth.” 
Here's the deal. I want to see how adventurous you are and whether you can have fun with this joke. Take the nearest book, do the meme and then post your answers here. I will edit them pack in my post and see where it goes. Let's have a laugh and let the books be the judge of us rather than the other way around.