Friday, September 17, 2010

Can I survive a Critique Group?

While I’m semi-inactive at the moment, I do have an interesting announcement to make. I had the awesome courage to apply for a critique group membership. You are reading the words of a Magical Words Beta member. I have been a member since late August, which is the month of non-existing productivity [thankfully not restricted solely to me]. Since the group [plus me] is picking up steam, I do not have an opinion on anything. So far, everyone is Zen and civil. Not drama prone or attention whorish [I may add those wonderful qualities].

It also doesn’t offer any insight on whether I’m suited to be critique group material. Which, I am certain, has you wondering why I’d joined one in the first place. I admit to being solitary and chatty at the same time, which I believe makes me perfect for one-on-one’s. It’s been and tested, but at the same time critique groups are hailed as one of the greatest tools in the honing of one’s skills as well as the solution to the innate writer’s isolation. I’ve considered myself a very unsuitable match for such an endeavor.

My behavior is usually dictated by moods, which makes me pretty unreliable on the long run, but through the group I hope to change all that and establish regular routine, despite what my hormones dictate. This will also help me straighten my priorities, which always seem to swing by instant gratification… Another thing that has me bothered is how much help I will be to others and whether I will be in time.


Charles Gramlich said...
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Charles Gramlich said...

I've found mine quite helpful many times, although at other times it was best not to take their advice.

Harry Markov said...

Mhm, as I said, not nearly involved as I want to be or should be.