Monday, September 13, 2010

From two to ten fingers... the journey

I promised myself that I would blog a lot more frequent, but at the time I published that post I had undertaken a massive typing mission. Ambitious little me wanted to transcribe reviews, hit all the insane novel quotas, tweet and post at the regular intervals. Though in theory I could squeeze all of the above in whatever portion of the I have, I neglected something rather small, which instantly turned into something rather big. I experienced a weak, but persistent prick in my right forefinger, which also happens to be my main typing finger [because I use, you guessed it, two fingers, when evolution has given me ten]. Can you sense where this is heading? 

So, during the days leading to the weekend I discovered that I couldn’t type, because the prick of pain intensified. Yeah, no typing whatsoever or at least in limited quantity over the span of the weekend. I came to the conclusion that A) I’m way too young to have such issues and B) that normal people typed with more than two fingers. Since I know me, I didn’t bother to even feign shock at the fact that I’ve been doing something wrong. I just facepalmed and googled a guide for typing with ten fingers. This is what I have been doing for the past three days. 

The guide gave a span between two days and two months to get it. Two days to get the whole new sensation of all the fingers on the keyboard and the right positioning and two months to get the speed back. I am not sure whether I will manage to return to my former speed of 80 to one 100 words per minute [though the latter has happened only on a few occasions]. I do hope to master or at least achieve decent speed, because after all I need to type. You can imagine how 80 words per minute can damage my single most important digit. Therefore, I am doing the slow-poke dance on the keyboard. What I do know is that I as far as quantity goes I get the same amount. That may puzzle you a little, but before I typed faster than I could compose my sentences and now everything is balanced. 

This was me. The voice from beyond. 


Charles Gramlich said...

80 words a minute is amazing with 2 fingers. I use all ten and scarcely can manage that. But I do like being able to touch type for sure. Best class I ever had in high school.

Harry Markov said...

At best, but my stamina was not that great and I always had to slow down. I wish we had a class like that in school.

T.S. Bazelli said...

Your fingers will thank you. :)