Saturday, September 25, 2010

Short Story Time

As promised, I'm working on my short fiction and I'm ecstatic, because an idea jumped at me fully formed. I find it annoying that I cannot get a satisfactory beginning, but the very least I have a treasure on my hands.

I will reveal some of it right here. The story is inspired by 'Hurricane Drunk', a song by Florence + the Machine for my collection Lungs. I kept brainstorming and at the same time wanted to think of witches [something I watched presumably] and got to a very interesting mash of things I wanted to do. The initial idea for the story was to have Dorothy in her cottage house inside the hurricane. That was the image, but I never could get a plot out of that. I may or may not have given her a periscope, but that did not make things go along.

Now, I have been thinking of the classic witch. Pointy hat, broom and dark attire, but writing about a witch as a protag is not that new. So somehow a child entered the picture and the witch suddenly became Baba Yaga [the woman is legendary in Slavic folklore]. Baba Yaga is rumored to eat children, but she does something a tad more horrific with the children. And this time, this child [Tatyana] has some other ideas of what she wants from life. Who will win? Tatyana or Baba Yaga?


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds cool. I entitled the third Talera book Witch of Talera, although Vohanna is not a traditional witch.

Harry Markov said...

I love witches in all shapes and sizes. :) You did well. Hah.