Sunday, January 9, 2011

[Blog Spot] TalkYoUniverse run by Juliette Wade

I'm largely back to semi-regular posting or at least I do hope I am. I'm coming back with a bit of blog pimpage. While I indulged the radio silence I discovered a fantastic blog for fantasy and science fiction writers. TalkToYoUniverse is run by Juliette Wade and here is her official introduction:

Analog SF author Juliette Wade's blog for lovers of science fiction and fantasy who want to talk to an expert about questions of language and culture (linguistics and anthropology): in the real world, in published fiction, or in worlds and universes of their own creation.

What I do enjoy about TalkToYoUniverse is that it delivers unlike other blogs [including mine]. Juliette is easy to approach on Twitter or in her comments, which is always a plus. The predominant content deals with worldbuilding topics [emphasis on culture, diversity and consistency], language and also a great deal about properly using various elements [pronouns, POV and dialogue among others].

What makes TalkToYoUniverse stand out from the crowd? The in-depth analysis of all the above. The Internet brims with blogs that scratch the surface [mine included at some points] and it's a rarity to find that extra fat on any subject regarding writing. It's cliched, but Juliette gives added value by not only informing you what you already know, but also using it as a platform to develop a lot more intricate ideas.

For all those who enjoy process pron, you will love TalkToYoUniverse as Juliette usually goes for a meticulous description of her own methods. This way she avoids this-is-how-it's-done manuals, which more or less make us all cringe one way or another.

Right now, the most interesting feature is the Wednesday Worldbuilding Workshop, which apart from the alliterating goodness, offers some pretty in-depth and critical look into a writer's 500 word long excerpt. To be honest, to me 500 words seemed insufficient for such a task, but you need to see the first post in this workshop to see what exactly can be taken from these 500 words and how an experienced eye makes the difference.

You back? Great, I bet that you know why you need to have TalkToYoUniverse in your RSS.


Juliette Wade said...

Wow, thanks for the review, Harry! I really appreciate it.

Harry Markov said...

Pleasure is all mine.