Saturday, January 29, 2011

Weird Tales is on the rise [that is quite obvious]

I'm very fond of Weird Tales, one of the oldest magazines to post weird fiction and speculative fiction in general. It brought me great joy to learn about the new changes happening. Here is the press release:

Several exciting developments mark the start of 2011 for Weird Tales. In addition to launching a new website , editor-in-chief Ann VanderMeer and publisher John Betancourt have raised the pay rate to 5 cents per word and implemented a new submissions portal for potential contributors.

These changes come on the heels of the news last year that VanderMeer would be taking over as editor-in-chief, with Paula Guran retained as nonfiction editor and Mary Robinette Kowal named as art director. This is the first time in the magazine’s 88-year history that Weird Tales has had an all-female editorial/management staff. Dominik Parisien and Alan Swirsky join Tessa Kum as editorial assistants on the Weird Tales team.

“Weird Tales was always known for publishing unclassifiable dark fiction, for publishing new voices alongside old pros, and we’ll continue that tradition,” VanderMeer says. “Our website updates those traditions by posting video flash fictions and news of the bizarre.” The new site also features a blog, through which VanderMeer and the rest of the Weird Tales team will discuss fiction and topics related to the revamped magazine.

This month marks the publication of the 357 issue of the magazine, featuring exceptionally strong short fiction. Contributors include Hundred Thousand Kingdoms’ N.K. Jemisin with “The Trojan Girl”, Swedish newcomer Karin Tidbeck’s ingenious and unsettling inversion of faerie and critically acclaimed J. Robert Lennon with “Portal,” a disturbing Shirley-Jackson-esque horror story. Weird Tales will return to its normal quarterly schedule this year, with future issues slated for May, August, and November.

Thanks to Matt Kressel for the new website and Neil Clarke for the submissions portal.


What does this mean? First, Weird Tales is now a professionally paying market. Second, I think it will prosper immensely under the guidance of an all female editorial team. I won't pretend that women don't have a special approach, when it comes to fiction and I'm sure that more surprises will come soon. Third, the magazine won't be going on anywhere soon.


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely sounds like some steps in the right and "write" direction.

Harry Markov said...

Indeed. I'm thrilled to see this happen and lets hope that this stays that way. :)