Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Internet: Continues to NOT be a friend

I did plan on something more writerly for Wednesday, but I couldn't complete much. WHY? Cause I keep playing on Twitter or GChat and get nothing done. I think I lose a good 45% of my time on the browser surfing, when I should be writing. Projects keep piling up and guess who has to read a gazillion books and write a gazillion reviews and study for exams and work as a publicity intern...

Yeah, the Internet -gasp- is not my friend.

SO what did I do from today?

I unplugged the cable, rolled it up and stuck it on the highest raft of the highest bookcase. Yeah, the productivity rate rose with %200. Imagine that.

There is an immense backlog that has to be handled, so no fiction writing until January the 25th. But at least I will be over with that.