Thursday, October 13, 2011

[October 13th] Debut on The World SF Blog

As you may have noticed on Twitter, links about a rather exciting horror duo S.L. Grey surfaced on the web [many thanks to @pornokitsch for the additional support and appreciation]. I've been on a very long on-and-off relationship with reviewing literature; starting and stopping, running my own site and then contributing. I do feel as if there are some conflicts of interest, considering that I want to become an author myself and will possibly find myself with the people I review, but at the same time I can't not discuss books, even if I'm not as vocal as some individuals.

A manifestation of my obsession [or masochism, as I really don't have the time for this, but I am doing it; because!] will be my semi-regular appearances on The World SF Blog. I really have to thank Lavie Tidhar for the gig.** I've never kept my involvement a secret per se, but I've never made an official statement either, which I do like to make from time to time.*

My debut involves S.L. Grey, who penned together the irresistible The Mall, which is a staple of modern horror, ill-versed as I am in these matters. You can find my review here and I've also had the pleasure of interviewing Sarah Lotz and Louis Greenberg, who shot back the answers in less time I took to writing and sending them. Extremely polite and professional people.

* I do have a flare for drama
** You guessed it, Lavie, 'thank you'.