Monday, October 10, 2011

[October 10th] iZOMBIE

As I'm ever time deficient I shall retain the right to publish long and sappy posts at some undisclosed future moment. For the moment I'd like to invite you in the weird world of "iZOMBIE" created by writer Chris Roberson and artist Michael Allred. This a beautiful piece of work, because Roberson works in a fairly simple to understand concept of how all the ghouls and creatures that lurk in the dark are connected by a simple math equation, while at the same time presenting these awfully human non-human characters. This might sound like an attempt to rip off shows such as "Being Human" with a weird round-up of classic monster icons, but it does a unique presentation and enchanting spin on the trope.

Allerd's technique although not one that is eye catching on its own [I'm spoiled when it comes to art] becomes magic when coupled with the story, characters and writing. This is synergy. The art and color palette lift the writing and line it with the perfect retro atmosphere. It just makes it all that much special to me. You should go and totally read it, it's not at all that gross or anything. This comic is not about a zombie, but about a girl, who happens to be a zombie.