Friday, October 14, 2011

[October 14th] I'm The Minion-Assistant

I love the publishing industry. It's only the writing that holds my interesting. I love the books. Their physical manifestation, their layout, their dimensions, their texture, their existence and because of this all encompassing love I like to play in different fields: review books, interview their authors, do some slush and editing and now promote them.

I've had my first marketing position with Apex's The Zombie Feed project, which gave me immense personal satisfaction, but my life didn't permit to stick to it and grow, so now I'm starting slow with small steps as Jaym Gates' personal minion-assistant. I'm not going to be talking about what I will be doing with and for her on my blog or on the web, other than the cryptic "secret project/assignment" tweets and mentions. It's neither my place to do so, nor do I believe it to be professional behaviour. However, I'm quite excited to be allowed to enter this side of the publishing industry.

Thank you, Jaym.