Monday, March 22, 2010

Nefarious Traitor


I’ve been suffering from abnormal headaches all week, which have been preventing me from actively becoming retrospective and contemplate on something profound and/or engaging to say here. While I go about with a complete schedule and a tone on Temple Library Reviews, I am more or less unused to blogging here. Hence the diminutive amount of posting transpiring, but I have finally experienced, where my scheduling mastermind has erred and you may see a burst of activity blossom.

However, before I meddle into serious contemplations, as presumptuous as it may sound, I’ll complain about my computer. Turns out the steady and noticeable drone is wearing me down more than usual. Hence the persistent headaches. Before serious technical intervention is within my financial reach, I am actively going to shut it down, when I plan to be away from it. Which to a point, I gather will raise my productivity, since I waste way too much time on the web instead of writing, reading or studying. Status checking, tweeting and googling random funnies may be fun, but they do not add 0s to the word count, so I bet it will be for the best.

Today I even managed to appreciate the sound of silence. No television. No radio. No drone and no computer generated playlist. Just urban noises and the solitude at home. Blissful.