Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Only Forward


Project: “Forged in Blood”
New Words Written: 800
Present Total Word Count: 17,458
Goal: 100,000 by Mid-May

Percent Reached: 17%

Things Accomplished in Fiction:

The tranquil [relatively] act has almost come to an end. With it, I estimate the largest part with the setting will be completed and I will be glad to skip on the dialogues. I love writing people in the middle of threatening one another, but I want some blood, gore and explosions, which are more or less scheduled to arrive.

Things Accomplished in Real Life:

I got a wake-up call to start planning ahead on what I can do in order to move to the UK, get a Masters in a field I enjoy [linguistics for instance] and become involved with the publishing industry. London would be a dream, but will see.