Friday, March 19, 2010

Soon-to-be Mega Star Author Showcase [Pimping]


While I am drawing time tables and figuring how to invent a time machine in order to achieve more in a day, I have something wonderful to announce. Karen Mahoney has finally left her cozy corner in the Internet [her faithful LiveJournal] and is rocking a brand new green [emphasis] domain. I know Karen from the time she was writing her book and watched her submit, hook up with a dream agent and she is soon to have her debut 'The Iron Witch' released in early 2011.

She is brimming with enthusiasm and insight and I can definitely foresee a long and healthy career in front of her.


Karen Mahoney said...

*hugs* Thanks so much for the shout out, Harry!

Green... Hehe! :D

Harry Markov said...

@ Karen: I was way chaotic, otherwise I would have posted it way way earlier.

Green... *sigh, awesome*