Tuesday, March 23, 2010

So Many Books So Little Time


I am generally not the person to pursue many books at the same time, but it so happens that I am juggling with quite a few titles as of late. I am linear and anal in my reading, so I am quite irritable, when my impeccable [*snort*] schedule is soured. It's beside the point that I did not include some books I have already made reviewing commitments for and this is the result:

And also 'Demon Keepers' by Jessica Andersen, which does not have a decent sized cover art right now and I have a pink-bound Uncorrected Proofs, so no good there. I also had an anthology in here as well, but I am thankfully done with it before all this becomes impossible to manage.

This more or less raises the topic of writing [I am always writer-oriented]. Are you guys linear or do you write more than one projects on an equally active basis? I will elaborate on this later on, because I am really interested to explore the boundaries of the creative mind. Comments are appreciated and will be featured in the next post.


Marcia Colette said...

I write two or three projects all at the same time. When I hit a wall with one, I move on to another until I can extricate myself. So far so good. I'm rather surprised I havent mixed up my characters and/or plots yet. ;-)

Harry Markov said...

Exactly for that reason I avoid it all together. I am the worst person to multitask. I can't even alternate between two or three conversations.