Friday, June 18, 2010

Back to Regular Programming...

I have returned from the depths of that which lurks offline. I still have one more exam and the desire to simply hybernate dominates my urges, but I am more than fit to return to a frequent and steady posting schedule. 

Before I start with the content, I offer you a snippet from my first ever review at Innsmouth Free Press: "A Book of Tongues" by Gemma Files

A Book of Tongues can be best described as “haunting”. The prose is lyrical. It coils, sedates and is addictive as opium fumes. It’s much an enchantment as it is a snare, which snaps around the reader and drowns him in the book’s stark vividness. The story reads like a fevered, fragmentary dance, divided into three books, which roughly equate to exposition, build-up and resolution.

Take a peek.