Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kaz Camp: Update 1


It's Wednesday, which is not Tuesday, which means that I am late for the regular check-in at Kaz Camp. However, considering how this is one day behind and the same week, I am not so beaten up about the missed deadline. I am just happy I remembered at all. Somehow my mind deletes information, even if I write it down [hence why I am unreliable even with a schedule].

On the writing front, let's see. I have done some. "Cosmic Love" has been transcribed and even a bit nibbled at as far as editing goes [I hate the process, hence why I am stalling]. "Drumming" has reached the dreaded 50% and so far there is no 'Houston, we have a problem' stage I have with middles. On the side I have a flash story, which will most likely air on Friday as part of Friday Flash.

That's about it. Not exactly happy, but I am at least getting into the swing of things.