Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Creativity from beyond the schedule...


Initially, I wanted to post to you my writing schedule, but as time is sparse to polish on what I plan to spend the rest of 2010, here is a small snippet I wrote in my Accounting text book, while I was supposed to be studying. For the record, this will not be featured in the upcoming July project, which still remains unnamed. This comes far later, when the main character has gained the arsenal to actually sound threatening, saying these words:

"I speak in thunder. The winds are my infantry. Lightning my artillery. Clouds my fortress. And they line every horizon. They hear every breath. Threaten me all you want, but if you act, the sky will nuke you."


Jonathan M said...

"Nuke" is jarring. There's an almost Elizabethan quality to the rest of the phrase -- very Lear -- but Nuke is colloquial and informal and so it jars.

Harry Markov said...

True to that. It's not because I did not think of a better word for it, but the protagonist expresses himself in this way, swaying from said lyrical to the slang, he wants to outgrow. He's still in-between his transition from one person to the other.