Monday, May 31, 2010

THE END and rewind


Today, I penned the last words to "Crimson Cacophony" [the first draft of what was known as "Forged in Blood" - Ed.] and I have a lot to say, which I want to say right now, but I am still on that kite, which carries above any sense or reason. I am at peace and in bliss with myself and the accomplishment.

I worked on this re-imaging of a novel I completed in 2008, but was not at all satisfied with the outcome. The creative origin behind "Crimson Cacophony" is not that inspiring to be frank. It was the first novel written. A fluke. Then abandoned, because it was not the novel I wanted to be represented with or the novel I saw strength in. This a cover version of a vague premise and filling in the details anew, I reinterpret the world and am in control. "Forged in Blood" [which remains as the working title for the sequel, because the forging happens there - Ed.] relied on tropes, ideas and scenarios already explored. Now, this is not so obvious. In the two years I had wandered away from the premise, I took some risks [at least concept-wise - Ed.] and discovered what genre had to offer outside the leather clad women with stakes [which I continue to hate and adore - Ed.]. This reflects this first draft, which is darker, more in the gray area as far as the protagonists are concerned and epic in its gritty master plans. A lot less innocent, a lot less sane. If this comes across, I would be grateful. But that is in the future, when the edits take place.

Right now, the freedom to pursue whatever I want is divine and makes me feel omnipotent. So what about you? Do you write THE END anyway [I don't]? And what do you feel, when you complete a project?


Kaaron said...

What an achievement! You should celebrate. I love the feeling of finishing a first draft. I don't usually write 'the end' because I have so many notes to contend with I am far from 'the end'!

Harry Markov said...

@ Kaaron: I am celebrating, but only on the inside. Right now I am in an exam session, so I won't be able to go out as I want. :D

But it is an amazing feeling. And yes, I do not write THE END as well, because the journey never finishes.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've abandoned many, many projects without finishing. On occassion i've gone back years later and finished them.

when I'm done with a long term project I usually feel a sense of loss and mild depression for a few days, but that goes away fairly quickly.

Harry Markov said...

Ah, I can honestly say that I do the same, but I start and do not write much to begin with, so it is not an issue for me.

As far as the feeling. Yeah, I'm sad that I have to leave it cool, but to be honest I crave the feeling of a new story forming in my skull.

T.S. Bazelli said...

I only know the feeling when it comes to short stories. When I do finally finish this damned novel, I think it would provide immense satisfaction to draw a huge page sized THE END in red crayon, and circled in glowing, page soaking, highlighter.

But that's just me.

Congrats on the first draft!

Harry Markov said...

Hahaha, don't forget to draw the red stars around to highlight the buzz and pride you are feeling. :D

I tend to leave short stories six for years, not sure why. But I tend to complete my novels and not bother with the shorts. Hahah