Tuesday, May 11, 2010

[Currently Reading] 'Sunrise in a Garden of Love & Evil' + Fables


Dark secrets abound in the town of Bayou Gavotte, Louisiana, from blackmail to fetish clubs to murder, and when blood-and-love starved vampire Ophelia Beliveau calls the police to scare away whoever is desecrating her garden, Detective Gideon O-Toole unearths more than he ever dreamed.

Initial Thoughts: I think I have a taste for something Southern and spicy... I am only 30 pages in and I am liking what I am reading. It's succulent. What can I say?

Fables: I have resumed my reading of Fables. Got the 50+ issues after my winter reading and now am enthralled by the war preparations and the happy moments in-between. How can something so used as a concept be so addictive? Willingham is a genius and James Jean is the best cover artist in the world.


Charles Gramlich said...

Potent cover on Fables. I could see a bit of controversy over that one but I don't know the story behind it. The guy almost looks like Solomon Kane.

Harry Markov said...

No, that is Hansel from Hansel & Gretel. All the covers are this imaginative and skillfully crafted.