Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What I want to read...


Written by PAUL DINI • Art by STEPHANE ROUX and KARL STORY • Cover by STEPHANE ROUX • Variant cover by BRIAN BOLLAND

At last – the Mistress of Magic in her own ongoing series! Zatanna Zatara has long made her home in San Francisco, but right under her nose a sinister threat has developed – a crime boss who dominates the criminal underworld with the dark powers of the magical underworld! The terrifying Brother Night is making his play for San Fran, and the police force – including hunky detective Dale Colton – turn to Zee for help. But Brother Night is a whole new kind of criminal and if Zatanna thinks she can backwards-talk him down, then she's in over her top-hatted head! Superstar writer Paul Dini (BATMAN: MAD LOVE) is paired with the gorgeous art of Stephane Roux (BIRDS OF PREY), making his anticipated DC debut on interior art! There's only one thing to say – T'NOD SSIM TI!


I am not a DC reader. I admit that Marvel has snared myt heart and held it inside their hands, but I want to bridge through to DC territory and what better way than a whole new series, dedicated to the amazing Zatanna, one of the most charming female superheroes ever. I am more or less ecstatic.


Charles Gramlich said...

I only know of her from Smallville. They picked a very attractive young lady to play her in that series.

Harry Markov said...

I stopped watching Smallville after season six, though maybe, I should pick it up again to see other super heroes as well.