Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Postman DOES not hate me [or maybe he does a little]


In a surprise turn of events, the week has been most generous with new procurements. Because I am a wee blogger with a wee blog in a wee country, which screws with the laws of reality, I am not the most popular choice for review copies. However, when I emphatically threw the towel to signal my defeat Lady Luck decided to stop screwing with my addiction and its needs and sent me this via the amazing publicists, editors and authors themselves.

"Metrophilias" by Brendan Connell [Collection of city based flashed fiction within the SFF spectrum]

"Tell-All" by Chuck Palahniuk [A Golden Era Hollywood murder story; quite the departure from the SFF genres]

"Walking the Tree" by Kaaron Warren [Blessed be Lee Harris for sending me this one. I go gaga over Warren's fiction]

"The World House" by Guy Adams [My tingly sense is indicating that this will be one heck of a fantasy ride]

"The Left Hand of God" by Paul Hoffman [the controversial novel, which all love to hate. I want the first hand experience.]