Sunday, May 9, 2010

[May 9th] Onward... You remember whereto, right?


Project: “Forged in Blood”
New Words Written: 4,000
Present Total Word Count: 41,608
Goal: 100,000 by End May [or maybe 90,000]

Percent Reached: 41%

Things Accomplished in Fiction:

After a 14 day writing hiatus, which occured against my will, I have returned. As predicted the middle forced itself on me as an unwanted distant relative, who is simply abusing my hospitality by paralyzing my every move. Or something like that. I have had a small time epiphany about how to proceed and the male supporting character has finally been dealt with in an according manner, which will ensure a complicated and tensioned interaction between the two. Or it will, when I am on the first round of edits. It took some time, but I connected with the characters again and am excited to finish what I started, when I said I would. Thanks to Adam Cristopher’s deathbed philosophy I will complete this novel.

Things Accomplished in Real Life:

Hectic. University has integrated with work, but the relationship is tense. I passed almost all the tests necessary and just need a 20 page paper and a 5 minute presentation completed before the exam session starts. In the mean time, we had the very first big group of guests to stay at the hotel and I saw a little action during the day shifts. The printer was the main culprit. I have not met a more disagreeable machine after my computer and I do mean possessed by evil gremlins. I may need a priest, who specializes in office tech exorcism.