Wednesday, November 2, 2011

[Nomber 2nd] KazNoWriMo & The Walking Dead

Completely unrelated, but made of win.

It's almost midnight and I want to conclude my blogging task, because I'm more than certain that I will not get done any writing at the moment. Real life has occupied Wednesday and apparently my role in this predicament is one of the bitch. If I'm crass, it's all because Chuck Wendig is being a bad influence on my potty mouth.

Anyway, since I'm fairly behind on all sort of deadlines, I'm skipping #NaNoWriMo as 50,000 with school, work, parenting responsibilities and loads of side work is damn near impossible. Plus, I'm on a short story binge, which makes me pretty non-eligible to participate. This is the reason I'm going indie with Karen Mahoney's KazNoWriMo, which not only allows for work on multiple projects no matter their length, but the goal is more realistic for my schedule: 30,000.

In other news, I'm in charge of the The Walking Dead reviews on Innsmouth Free Press. Reviews for the first two episodes What Lies Ahead and Bloodletting have been posted. I'd like to hear what you think.

PS: Check me out at Day 02 through #Movember. I even cobbled a small verse:
On the 2nd day of #Movember the stache has still to grow,
let's all hope that it will be big and hang down low.