Tuesday, November 1, 2011

[November 1st] Movember is Coming

Technically, Movember has come. For all that wonder, why I'm insisting on misspelling November, I shall clarify that Movember is the month, where men donate their faces for science. Thirty days we grow our staches so people may donate and when people donate scientists and doctors smile a snide smile [curling their own mad-scientist's moustaches at that], knowing that they have all the funds to kick cancer in the ass.

In all seriousness, cancer is nothing to laugh at and the worst thing is that these days it goes with a lot more lax attitude towards age differentiation. It can happen to anyone, which is why I've made up my mind to grow a stache [as feeble as it may be] and at the very least spread some the idea that you need to get yourself checked on a regular basis.

Day 01:

As clean shaven as I possible I embark on this crusade. Each day I will come up with a weird sing-song verse to spread some joy.

On the 1st day of #Movember I licked my upper lip,
so that it grows a stache with a long and healthy tip.

If you are in a donate-y mood, then click on my profile HERE or click on the icon to the right. It will lead you to my profile. I've joined the UK causes, because that's where my heart lies to be honest. Let's kick cancer in the ass.