Tuesday, November 22, 2011

[November 22nd] The Walking Dead: A Descent into Boredom

Eh, I'm kinda interested in hearing what you think about the new The Walking Dead episodes so far. I had such high hopes for the show, considering that I showed the enthusiasm to review it over at Innsmouth Free Press, but I made the fundamental mistake to create 'expectations', which unfortunately were not met. Is it normal that I should expect a show to be completely boring story lines, which go nowhere [it seems as though they are like drugged asylum patients with identity crisis]? 

In my latest review of the series "Chupacabra" [yeah, I'm a bit behind], I open with the following: 

“Chupacabra” follows after the weakest episode in The Walking Dead to date, which is not as hard as one would imagine. The episode is the latest to miss the mark for me, but at the same time, there is some improvement, as well as some thrills. 

This is not how a review of a beloved show should start. It's very bizarre for me. Anyway, I just managed to sit through episode six "Secrets" and was equally struck down by blandness. I know these people can act, but the lines they are uttering make them sound like amateurs in a B movie. Of course, this is only my opinion. 

Although it's not BAD, there are 40 minutes worth of screen time of nothing. "Secrets" showcases the laziest writing I've seen in quite awhile and sudden confrontations, which make no sense. Dale has never been so vicious and his behavior towards Shane broke any suspension of disbelief. So out of character. 

Speaking of dull TV, the fall season has some pretty weak offerings. Grimm struck me as an overused idea stretched over a cliche archetype of a story. Once Upon a Time alienated me with unbelievable worldbuilding ideas. Even Fringe is reaching a point in its universe, where it repeats itself, considering that they largely left the shape shifting story line without a single mention and now are picking it up again. 

So guys, the ones who are watching TV shows, what have you to say? What do you like? What can you recommend and what can you warn me of?