Friday, April 23, 2010

[Blog Spot] "Help! I Need a Publisher!"


After you’ve covered the essentials, read the books editors, agents and authors hold as staples in publishing, I suggest visiting “Help, I Need a Publisher!” owned by Nicola Morgan. This is the proverbial well of online wisdom. At least as far as my experience is concerned. Nicola is a crabbit old bat [self-proclaimed] and is here to save you from the mediocrity or the atrocities posted around as advice for writers, looking publication and let’s be honest, we all want to be published and done so right.

Nicola Morgan’s mission statement:

Nicola Morgan is proud to be the first Google result for "Crabbit Old Bat" and offers crabbitly honest expertise to writers with talent and a burning need to be published.

And she couldn’t be more accurate. Morgan knows what she is talking about. She is brutally honest and just plain brutal, when it comes to debriefing about the industry. If you think you are ready to hunt down that agent and sign that three book deal contract, then I suggest you get through the “Help, I need a publisher!” experience. It was a wake-up call for me. I knew from following authors that getting published is hard and this was solidified once again with Morgan’s insight.

Nicola is a thriller writer, which to a SFF genre writer may not sound like the best resource out there. However, this boot-wearing, chocolate-adoring and wine-loving Scottish woman has a gift to understand how publishing is a business and as such it functions for high return on investment. Her advice is mostly oriented towards making a presentable asset that any agent and then publisher would like to employ. However, she also acknowledges the fact that this is a game of chance and that writing is an individual undertaking and how no novel is the same as another. Her content is divided between highly reinforced rules about the etiquette during the publishing seeking stage [query, cover letters and how to avoid FAIL moments] and insight on the act of writing, which lets the writer’s individuality and ability manifest.

New commenters are always welcome and despite opening pen2publication [consulting agency] and scoring a book deal on writing a guide for writers, Nicola remains by her blog and dishes out priceless advice. “Help, I Need a Publisher!” is a must-follow.