Tuesday, April 20, 2010

[Currently Reading] 'On Writing' by Stephen King


Currently, I have discarded the heavy weight list I announced a week or so before. The epic To Be Read list, which stretches well beyond a human's natural life span, has been pushed as far away as possible. After all, these are books I want to read, not books I should, have to or must read [though if they are featured in the TBR, then they are a must]. I was involved in the previous picks with 20 or so pages, so the sacrifice wasn't hard on me.

What I am now reading [actually re-reading] is 'On Writing' by Stephen King. This is the only guide I have ever read, mostly because it's the only guide I found on the Bulgarian book market [and as much as I am addicted, ordering from other countries is a homicide to my finances]. Therefore, I clutch it as if it is the Holy Grail.

Right now as uncertain as I am about 'Forged in Blood' [don't you just hate those middles], this chic booklet is boosting the morale, adding new perspective and urging me to adopt a new game plan. I am also planning to run a series of posts with excerpts from the book [translated by me, I am afraid] with my own thoughts and examples. As novice as I am, I doubt that I will discover anything new or not said before by successful authors, but I am interested in the discussion.


T.S. Bazelli said...

Looking forward to your thoughts. I read the book a month ago. It has some interesting ideas. I'll wait to see what you decide to pick out first :)

Harry Markov said...

I am starting with his life segment and the postscript to cover as they are less material-full to discuss in separate posts.

Then I will most likely group three or maybe even two extracts on the actual writing advice and add either a short comment of agreement, a paragraph to say what I am wondering about and posts on disagreement. I do have perhaps two points, where I am not so accepting of the advice.