Tuesday, April 27, 2010

[Currently Reading] 'Evolve' edited by Nancy Kilpatrick


I am almost half-way through 'Evolve', an anthology edited by Nancy Kilpatrick and featuring Canadian authors. I am not sure why, but the fact that all authors are Canadian makes this an exotic experience.

Initial Thoughts: I had a hideous start with the anthology, because of Kelley Armstrong's opening story. Armstrong and my reading preferences did not click, more like my reading preferences had an allergic reaction to her writing. I prayed the following stories were not in the same vein. They were not and now I find 'Evolve', eerily addictive. Kilpatrick promises vampires delivered in a new light, re-imagined and re-invented and she delivers.


Charles Gramlich said...

I recently read an anthology where the first two stories left me cold. I almost abandoned it but it did get better after that. One wonders why weaker stories sometimes get picked for the opening position in anthologies.

Harry Markov said...

In my case it was by a popular author in the genre: Kelley Armstrong. So it has been done for a more commercial reason to hook the die-hard fans. However, I found that opening story to be bland beyond my tolerance.

I know I should not be speaking like that, but it really was.

T.S. Bazelli said...

I was curious about this anthology and meant to pick it up. Was it as exotic as you thought it might be? I'm curious if you noticed anything different about the stories due to the Canadian content.

Harry Markov said...

Still not conclusive about it as a whole. Many stories left and just as many surprises.

But so far, yes. There are different flavors as to how vamps are shown in the anthology. Definitely liking it.