Wednesday, April 7, 2010

[Terra Mythica] The Basics


Each week, about four days, I will posts these short posts about Terra Mythica, which is the name for my Urban Fantasy world. Because I have planned several series and standalones to take place within this world, I decided to tease a bit with some short definitions of concepts, titles, animals and what not, you can encounter in Terra Mythica. Not too much, though. Here are the basics. These teasers will appear on Twitter with #TerraMythica and a link to this post. So stay tuned.

The Warrior: Speculated divine being, who through his death on Earth has fathered magic and the first generation of gods.

Sanguis Spiritus: Blood of the Soul, Soul Shard. Nestles in the soul of a human soul and enables the use of magic.

Spellcaster: Human with a Soul Shard, who is enabled to interact with reality, altering it through spells and rituals.


Charles Gramlich said...

I like this kind of stuff. I so enjoy the sheer creative act of making up fantasy worlds.

Harry Markov said...

It's always amazing. Even though I am snatching up already existing and popular myths & legends I'm infusing my own unique [hope it does not sound presumptious] spin on them and the result with Terra Mythica is a satisfying one.